Method #1 weMessage

Wemessage is one of the most talked apps these days. The reason is that it is a lot easy to use. Although the app lacks the latest updates made by Apple in the iMessage accounts, still it focuses a lot of the main features that you want to use on your Android phone. This includes group chats, single chats, emojis, document and file shares and a lot more. Besides all this, the app also offers privacy to the users. All the messages are encrypted so that you can enjoy your iMessage experience at its full.

How to Use this app?

STEP 1: You need to install the weMessage server on your Mac from here.

STEP 2: Download Weserver and then extract the file on the system.

STEP 3: Download the weMessage app on your Android phone.

STEP 4: After that enter your Mac IP address, email, and password on weMessage. (the same information that you provided on your Mac while downloading the server).

You are all ready now to use the app. Wemessage actually transforms your Mac device into a server that allows it to receive and send messages to your Android Phone.

METHOD #2 iChat Android App

There is another app available that does not require any downloading on your Mac device. You can directly download the app on your Android phone and use. The app allows you to send and receive messages between your Phone and your Mac device.

The messages are encrypted and are usually deleted after 3 days for additional security of data. The good thing about the app is that the whole downloading process won't take a lot of time.

STEP 1: Get the iChat app form here.

STEP 2: Install it on Android device and enjoy.

iMessage is still one of the most wanted apps by Android users. Finding the official version of the app is quite difficult, but there are apps that can help you in turning your Android SMS system into iMessage.