About iMessage on PC and Windows

iMessage on PC is the need of iPhone users, who want PC software to manage all iMessage data. Today we are going to share some new methods to install imessage on Windows (10, 8, 7), PC, Laptop or computer. There are many new updates made to the iMessage after which it has become the ultimate messaging service for most of the iOS users. It allows you to send and receive messages. The problem is that you can only use it on iOS devices like your MacBook or iPhone.

Well, then you might have to be disappointed again. It looks like Apple wants to limit iMessage to their devices only. But, there are ways on how you can get access to iMessage on PC. There are three different methods to use iMessage for Windows(7,9,10).

Due to increase in the use of iMessage, the iOS users have been looking for a way to run the app on their personal computers as well. Are you waiting for a browser version of iOS?

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iMessage Messaging app for PC & Windows – What does that mean?

Whatsapp arrives in the market and replaces the old school chatting app iMessage and now Apply need to focus on the new products. But some hardcore fans of the company loves to use iMessage app on PC rather than using WhatsApp chatting app. This is the main reason for writing a blog about how to get iMessage on PC (7,8,10).

Apple is very concern about their messaging app for iPhone, iPod (touch), and all iOS devices. There are more than 1000+ texting apps available in the app store.

Features of iMessage for PC













How to get iMessage on PC?

There is no official way of getting iMessage on windows. Still, there are few things on how you can get access to it on your computer

Here are simple steps on how you can do that:

METHOD #1: by Using a Free Emulator

This is the second method. It is easy and suitable if you don’t own a Macbook. Just a few simple steps that you need to follow:

STEP 1: First what you need to do is download iPadian emulator from here. You can easily find a free emulator (Source: https://ipadian.net/).

STEP 2: When you have done with downloading iPadian, install .exe file on your windows.

STEP 3: After installing the file, launch the emulator on your windows.

STEP 4: Search for iMessage on your emulator.

STEP 5: Once you see iMessage on your screen, install the app as well. 

Once you are done with all these installation processes you are ready to open your iMessage account on your windows. These two methods are the easiest for which you don’t need any pro skills. But, if both these methods don’t work for you, then we have something else for you as well.

Did not work? Try another emulator for iMessage.

METHOD #2: Using Chrome Remote Desktop

This is one of the easiest methods for the beginners. You can easily get iMessage installed on your PC. Just follow the simple steps given below.

STEP 1: First you need to have both a Windows Pc and Macbook or any other iOS device to go for.

STEP 2: Download Chrome remote desktop on both of your devices, PC users Download from here. (You can download Chrome remote desktop easily. Open your chrome browser and sign in from PC. Go to Chrome app store and download the app. Select add an app to chrome. ) 

STEP 3: Download Chrome remote desktop host installer on your MacBook only. 

STEP 4: Once the downloading is complete install the app (iMessage) on your MacBook with Chrom Browser. 

STEP 5: Chrome remote desktop host installer allows you to connect your devices. Now you can connect your MacBook to your PC. 

STEP 6: You have to set up a 6 pin code for this. 

Now you are all done to enjoy your iMessage on PC. Make and messages directly through your PC.

METHOD #3: Jailbreak Your iPhone

This is the third and effective method that can help you in having iMessage for PC. This is the method that you should go for if you have tried all the above. It is because the method requires jailbreaking your iOS and have some complicated steps as well.  

If you are ready to jailbreak your iOS, then follow the given steps.

STEP # 1: First of all what you need to do is jailbreak your iPhone. You can have a complete guide on it as well.

STEP # 2: Once you have jailbreak your iPhone, install the app iOS 11 Cydia. This app allows you to install files on a jailbreak iOS.

STEP # 3: After downloading Cydia, search for the Remote message app.

STEP # 4: Then install the Remote message app on your iOS handset.

STEP # 5: once you are done installing the app, a button will appear on the screen. Click on it and enable the app.

STEP # 6: Now you are ready to connect your device. Create a username and password.

STEP # 7: Open the browser on your pc, enter the IP address of your iPhone. Also, enter the same username and password that you have created.

This was the last method on how you can get access to iMessage on PC device. All this method is a bit difficult and complicated, but still, once you are done you will have iMessage.

IMessage is the current and most used messenger on iOS devices. Due to this, there is a need to access your iMessage account on all your portable devices. Officially there is no browser option available for the app. But, these three methods that we have discussed can help you with this.

iMessage for Android

How to use imessage on android devices? as we all know iMessage is iOS application. It does not work directly on Android mobiles. So, here is simple and easy tip.

  1. Download weMessage server app on your PC or MAC.
  2. Now, Download weServer on PC, then unzip the file.
  3. Now Download weMessage application on your Android device.
  4. Now Fill Email, password and MAC Adress on weMessage app.
  5. Start using NOW.